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CoHack is Changing! Will you change with us?

Next Mixer: Monday July 31st @ 530pm @ MycoCafe!

Hi everyone and welcome to another Consciousness Hacking Colorado newsletter. This is perhaps the last newsletter we send to you as CoHack, although our connection with you is really just beginning.

Before we get into that… The next mixer, discussing all this is coming up soon!

We know this is pretty short notice, and if you can't make it, but have points you’d like to contribute, please let us know what you think by responding to this email and we can set up some time to chat. We hope to see you there.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes for us, especially as new leadership continues to come onboard, and we’ll be excited to announce more about that in the future. For now the most pertinent thing to share is that we are preparing to undergo a pretty major rebranding of ourselves as an organization, and included in that is a new name.

We were born out of an amazing movement in San Francisco, Consciousness Hacking, and we could not be more grateful for the foundation this has allowed for us. While there are no longer any other active chapters of Consciousness Hacking, the community continues to thrive in many ways, a community that places itself at the intersection of modern technology, ancient wisdom, and human flourishing; and that has formed out of a continual coming together of brilliant minds to discuss things that truly matter.

While this movement is near and dear to all of us, the label has begun to feel limited, at least for us. Now feels like the time for us to take a step forward as our own organization, to solidify who we are and what we look to do in the world, and to define ourselves in a way that enables us to effectively move into the world, actualizing our unique purpose.

What is our unique purpose? We’re still discovering that, and we hope that you might play a part in that. We are deeply interested in facilitating connection at a holistic and systemic level, helping to build bridges between seemingly disparate communities, and supporting meaningful change throughout our human society. And we think that technology can play a big part in that, but that technology is also not without its limitations. We hope to utilize our organization in order to bring people and groups together and to support the use and development of technologies that can actually make a difference.

If this sounds like something you’re still interested in, then we’d love for you to participate. Please consider joining us this coming Monday as we enter into deeper dialogue around what this incoming vision is and how we might work together to actualize it. And if you have any thoughts about a name that you think might fit well, we’d love to hear it.

In Connection,

-aaron gabriel neyer and all of us here