Conversations that Matter

Weekly Weave - Discussing Civics & Inviting Meaningful Dialogue

Hello and welcome to the weekly weave!

Conversations about Civics

Last Wednesday’s mixer, themed around everyday civics, was an amazing example of what can happen when we come together and share in open and inquisitive dialogue. The small group who attended engaged in a dynamic sharing of ideas, where almost everyone had a chance to express some longer form thoughts as a lightning talk, and with a common focus, the different shares fed into each other and helped nurture a collective understanding.

The talks spanned a range of topics, from the importance of political engagement and the nuances of listening and sensing in civic participation, to the ripple effects of generosity and the responsibility of questioning our own worldview and working to see more clearly. We explored how sensemaking and effective communication are integral to civic engagement and delved into the implications of societal divisions and the necessity for more holistic participation.

What does civics mean to you? Do these topics contribute in a meaningful way to how you think about it and are there other points you might like to bring into this conversation? Hop over to the discord and share your thoughts in the #general channel!

Conversations that Matter

Inspired by the success of this mixer and many that have come before it, we’re excited to announce that this format will take on a life of its own as a regular “Conversations that Matter” series. These events will soon be hosted on a bi-weekly basis at Myco Cafe, a space that was opened with the intention of being a gathering space for real dialogue and connection. We will gather around a topic such as civics, technology, psychedelics, psychology, ecology and more. We will also regularly circle back to topics and also look at how they weave together over time.

We’re grateful to be able to hold a space for meaningful conversations to happen and it’s so vital that these conversations pervade throughout our world, not just in this context. After Wednesday’s event, a few of us continued over to The Root and carried on dialogue, expanding to many other topics and since then, it’s been top of mind whenever I’m connecting with someone about what the quality of the dialogue is and if there’s a way to make it matter a bit more.

Our invitation for you going forward is to begin to inquire just a little deeper into the kinds of conversations you are having, and if there’s a way you can bring a little more meaning into them, and perhaps harvest a little more value out of them. What makes a conversation meaningful for you and what topics do you feel really engaged around discussing? Join us in the discord and share your thoughts in the #general channel!

Coming Up in Boulder

Today (11/18) is the last farmers market of the year! Go get some produce! Also down in Denver there is the Rhythm Sanctuary Community Showcase and Holiday Makers Market from 12-6pm.

Tomorrow, Sunday (11/19), there will be another Bloom Boulder Potluck at the Mycocosm, gathering to discuss regenerative organizing in Boulder. It’s at 430pm, conveniently right before Boulder Ecstatic Dance happening across the street at Nevei Kodesh.

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Next week is Thanksgiving, a great time to gather with loved ones as we connect with the earth and each other through food and gratitude.
What are your plans? Who are you looking forward to gathering with? And if you’re needing community to gather with, don’t be afraid to reach out, here or on discord, and I feel confident you will be included.

With the holidays coming up alongside some personal travels, I will likely be taking a few weeks off sending this weekly weave, but I’ll be back to you all soon with more insights from community as we work to weave the web here in Boulder.

Big love,

aaron gabriel & woven web