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Weave - The Boulder We Long to Live in

Welcome to the Weekly Weave. We are Woven Web, a community in active exploration around the intersectionality of nature, consciousness, society, and technology; seeking to bring people together to engage in meaningful dialogue and foster genuine coherence in our community, in Boulder and beyond.

In this Weave:

  • Reflections from the future of internet discussions

  • Coming up in the community

  • Weaving words - The Boulder we long to live in

Reflections from the future of internet discussions

We had a small but mighty group gather last week to discuss what the future of the internet might look like. We dove into a few presentations around distributed web technologies, such as blockchain, holochain, solid, ad4m, and more. We also explored what kind of applications are going to be needed, which helped color the discussion around what underlying technologies would support those working well. It was a great little exploration into a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant, and we all walked away having learned a few new things. It was also our first attempt at a (mostly) virtual event, due to the snow; and it was nice to sense the differences in the way we gather and communicate over this medium.

Coming up in the community

If you’re interested in the conversation around psychedelics that is happening here in Colorado, you would probably love to join for a talk our friend Evan Segura, executive director of Mycoalition, is hosting with NAPS (Naropa Association for Psychedelic Studies) tonight (Monday 3/18) at Naropa, 630-730pm in Wulsin Hall basement, entitled “Mycelial Movement: The Mission of the Mycoalition”.

Tomorrow, Tuesday (3/19) evening we’ll be hosting a game night at the Myco Cafe. This coincides with their regular chess night, so you can expect plenty of chess boards out as well as a plethora of other board games (Sonia has quite the collection). We also might bring forward some improv and connection games if there’s a desire for it. We’ll see you there! (Our event officially starts at 530, but people start arriving at 5 for chess)

We’ll be hosting another regenerative networking potluck at the MycoCosm, next Thursday (3/28). This is a great chance to come together and connect with community over a shared meal and a shared love for this natural world.

Weaving Words - The Boulder we long to live in

Recently, a few core leaders from Woven Web, as well as a few other core community leaders came together to move through a collective visioning process. One of the questions that came about involved exploring what is needed to help us move towards the boulder that we long to live in. I found this framing to be incredibly meaningful. Simply inviting in this possibility, and sensing into what moves us towards that. I invite you now to sense into that as well. Somewhere in you, does there live a vision of a more beautiful Boulder? What kind of boulder do you long to live in, raise a family in, and create a community in? What steps can you take today that move towards that vision becoming a reality?

I know that vision lives in me. It’s not a vision that is Boulder exclusive; it’s the world that I long to live in. But, I know that change has to start near, and so for me to help that more beautiful world to blossom, I can start by helping a more beautiful Boulder blossom. This vision is a powerful motivator for me; it’s a huge part of why I am pouring so much of myself into this organization and into the kind of conversations I think will move us forward. It’s also a huge part of why I’ve chosen to become so engaged in the political scene of Boulder, running for city council and more recently, joining the human relations commission with the city of Boulder, to help advise city council on how we can foster a more welcoming, inclusive, and participatory community here in Boulder.

As we continue to move forward as Woven Web, we will continue to explore how can foster the kinds of collaboration and conversation that bring that vision to life. We can create gatherings that help people build the skill sets for participation and collaboration as we weave with organizations and leaders who are already actively driving this change, bridging more connection and participation throughout it all. We can also continue to gather around questions such as this: What is the Boulder that we long to live in? And how can our actions today help make that a reality?

Thanks for tuning in. Reply to this email and let us know what you’re thinking and how you’d like to engage with community. And forward this email to someone who you’d like to participate more in community with!

See you in the web,

~ aaron gabriel & woven web