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Woven Web is a community rooted in Boulder Colorado and reaching beyond, with a deeply held vision for a more connected world. We seek to find greater harmony between technology, society, and nature through understanding self and all of it's creative and destructive potential.

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Weaving Words - Coherence & Flow

The concept of coherence, which originates from the latin verb “cohaerere” (def: “to stick together”), has come to be used in a wide diversity of fields to point to a quality of the elements of a system working together in a consistent, unified, and logical manner. If we’re looking to understand how this whole world system can be more unified, it would serve us well to understand coherence and to how we can cultivate it, at all levels. A closely related concept is flow, which is a term adopted from nature and used in psychology to describe a state of optimal experience characterized by complete absorption in an activity. Flow is facilitated by coherence and flow also enhances the coherence of a system. Within woven web, we are often looking at how we can be in flow with each other and the world around us, which also involves cultivating a greater level of coherence within these systems of self and society.

This last Monday, we hosted our cultivating coherence workshop. This was our attempt to play with some ideas around this topic, through bringing together elements from our improv workshops and inquiry workshops. The overall goal has been to bring forward a curiosity and desire to understand, as well as a sense of play and spontaneity; all of which are vital components of facilitating flow and coherence. We explored ideas around coherence, letting our minds be engaged and curious about the topic, and we also played various games which gave us an immediate opportunity to reflect on the level of coherence being demonstrated by us moment to moment. We look forward to continuing to expand on these ideas and finding more ways to support greater coherence in our communities.

Facilitating meaningful change in the world has to start with addressing the ways we are acting in conflict with the world around us, so that we can begin to act in a more unified way, as individuals and as communities. There are so many avenues we can direct our study if we want to support our learning in this process: living systems theory, flow psychology, emergent leadership, organizational change, emotional intelligence, heart coherence, and so much more. Although what is likely the best way is to simply and playfully explore for ourselves; what does it mean to be in coherence and flow, what gets in the way of that, and how do we begin to move forward in a unified way?

Coming Up in Community

Happy Earth Month everyone!

This Saturday (tomorrow 4/27 9-2), there will be a tree-planting event hosted by DAR at Metacarbon Farm. This is a tremendous opportunity to get your hands in the dirt and help nurture our ecosystem here in Colorado.

The Boulder County Farmers Market (Saturday 4/27 8-2) is also back in action, so swing by central park to connect with community and support your local food producers while filling your own belly and pantry! And the Wednesday Farmers market will be returning this coming Wednesday (5/1 330-730pm)!

On Sunday (4/28, 1130-130), we’re working with our friends Matty and Oliver at Bloom Boulder to create a community regeneration celebration at the Farm Stand. This will be a great opportunity to network and connect with other local folks interested in regeneration and to have an opportunity to weave a more beautiful vision together.

Directly after this (Sunday 4/28 2-9pm), our friend Sarafina with Climatique; in collaboration with 350 Colorado, Sunrise Movement and more; is hosting a Live from Planet Earth Social at Sanitas Brewing. We’re very excited about this event, it was serendipity that these events were scheduled on the same day and in the future we are excited to collaborate to continue bringing together our nature-focused community here in Boulder.

Later events:

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