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Welcome to the Weave. We are Woven Web, a community in active exploration around the intersectionality of technology, society, nature, and self; seeking to bring people together to engage in meaningful dialogue and foster genuine coherence in our community in Boulder and beyond.

In this Weave:

  • Reflections on our Improv evening

  • Discussing technology at our next inquiry event

  • Coming up in our community

Reflections on our Improv evening (from Sonia)

There’s something magical that happens during play. Strangers becoming fast friends. The emergence of ridiculous inside jokes and nicknames (shout out to Luna Fierce!). And my favorite: the comfortable stretching of comfort zones. All made possible in that liminal space where the wonder, curiosity, and shameless creativity of our inner child meets the authentic expression, embodiment, and safety of our adult self.

A fun moment from one of our improv games

Discussing technology at our next Inquiry event

Technology is an integral part of our world, and it seems to be growing at a rate that is very exciting and also quite unsettling… At Woven Web, we’re starting to orient ourselves more fully to understanding the interdependency of technology, nature, society and self; and with that, we really want to dive deep into how technology affects all of these. How is technology affecting the health of nature and the biosphere, of our society and our relationships, and of ourselves as individuals. And particularly, dancing with the nuances of it all, looking at the places where it helps as well as the places where it harms, and exploring what a more balanced relationship might look like.

This is the question we’re excited to dive into at our next Inquiry event, “How does technology shape our collective health?”, this Thursday (2/8) at 530pm at MycoCafe. Please bring yourself and maybe a friend, and bring an open mind curious to explore. Inquiry isn’t just about sharing what we know, it’s about actively moving towards the truth together. So let’s get curious and explore this topic together. We’ll see you there.

Coming up in our community

This Wednesday (2/7) from 10-11am, the Center for Humane Technology is hosting a free online event called “How to tell if a technology will serve humanity well”. This is a great way to prime yourself for our inquiry evening on Thursday, and to connect in with an organization doing some great work in this space.

This Friday (2/9) from 630-1130pm at the Boulder Circus Center, our good friends Saoirse and Robin and others are hosting an incredible event called Sea of Love, described as “A Theatrical Journey Celebrating Love in All Her Forms”. A tremendous amount of love has gone into producing this, and it should be quite a treat to attend.

Next Thursday (2/15) from 530-730pm at the MycoCosm (our community home), we will have our next Systems share event, exploring Artificial Intelligence. We are excited to continue our deep dive into technology, and will be creating a space for folks to share interesting ways that they are using or building with AI.

And finally, next Sunday (2/18) at 345pm, our good friend Joshua with his organization “Thrive Alive Vibe for Green Living” is hosting a house concert and raising funds for Boulder Food Rescue. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some awesome music while connecting with other folks around regeneration in Boulder. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for tuning in. Reply to this email and let us know what you’re thinking and how you’d like to engage with community. And forward this email to someone who you’d like to participate more in community with!

See you in the web,

~ aaron gabriel & woven web