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Weave - Inclusive Innovation in Boulder

Welcome to the Weekly Weave!

Woven Web is a community rooted in Boulder Colorado and reaching beyond, with a deeply held vision for a more connected world. We seek to find greater harmony between technology, society, and nature through understanding self and all of it's creative and destructive potential.

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  • Inclusive Innovation in Boulder

  • Coming Up (Boulder Startup Week edition!)

Inclusive Innovation in Boulder

I don't know of a more beautiful and rewarding journey than the journey of understanding oneself, and the unfolding of one's potential that comes with that. And self-understanding doesn't apply solely to the individual. Every organization, every community, every sufficiently complex system seems to also go through this journey of understanding what it even is. Something that has been of major interest to me over this last year has been how this applies to a locality, and particularly how those of us here in Boulder are coming to understand ourselves and unfold our unique potential as a city.

Reflecting on Boulder’s potential, a phrase that arises is Inclusive Innovation. Many in Boulder seeking to be inclusive, which I think is intertwined with how visible it is to many of us the amount of people that are currently excluded in Boulder, as a virtue of some of our settler history and the increasingly high value of property here. There is also in Boulder a great desire to be innovative and not just within technology and science, but also within community, relationships, wellness and more, demonstrated most strongly through our two unique universities, CU and Naropa, but also visible throughout so many sectors of our city. It seems essential that as we innovate we do so from an inclusive place to ensure that the benefits of those innovations reach those who need it most.

One place where Inclusive Innovation has been very visible has been at the monthly mindful business mingle & moments; which Woven Web has joined as a partner for. You are all invited to join us this coming Friday morning (5/10 8-930am) to mingle and share meaningful moments with other folks interested in a more connected culture within our business world and beyond.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, because next week is Boulder startup week! Boulder startup week is a free conference distributed throughout Boulder. It's run by Glider, a Colorado community non-profit that also runs TEDxBoulder and IgniteBoulder with a mission of "Inclusive thinking to create better communities". We're pretty excited to weave into this space, and build relationships with a lot of other folks with similar interests, around technology, community, and much more. We’ll also be helping to steward the builders room, and we’d love for you to come build with us! In our "Coming Up in Community" section below, we'll be highlighting a lot of interesting events happening during the week, but we encourage you to also check out the full schedule yourself and find what resonates with you.

Coming Up (Boulder Startup Week Edition!)

Monday 5/13

Tuesday 5/14

Wednesday 5/15

Thursday 5/16

Friday 5/17

If you’re planning to attend some of these events, let us know so we can meet up with you! Thanks for tuning in as always. And please forward this email to someone who you’d like to be closer in community with so that we all may weave closer together.

See you in the web,

~ aaron gabriel & woven web