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Weave - Structure & Spontaneity

Welcome to the Weekly Weave. We are Woven Web, a community in active exploration around the intersectionality of technology, society, consciousness, and nature; seeking to bring people together to engage in meaningful dialogue and foster genuine coherence in our community in Boulder and beyond. This newsletter aims to weave together what’s happening in the community as well as the larger cultural conversations we are participating in.

In this Weave:

  • Reflections on game night

  • Coming up in the community

  • Weaving Words - Structure & Spontaneity

Reflections on game night

We had a very small but sweet gathering of humans at Myco Cafe last Tuesday. There were a few folks playing chess and then a number of us gathered together to play a game called Ravine, a “strategic and cooperative survival card game” that was developed during a game design class at CU Boulder. It was a lot of fun playing it, and I loved the feeling of all of us being on the same team, very different from the usual competitive nature in games. It’s cool to see this kind of innovation coming from our local university, and it’s great to explore games that are more focused on cooperation rather than competition.

Coming up in the community

We’ll be hosting our next regenerative networking potluck this Thursday at the MycoCosm. If you’re interested in getting connected to others in the area who are interested in regeneration, discovering ways to participate more effectively, and getting to embody regenerative living through sharing food together, then we hope you’ll join us at 530pm on Thursday (3/28).

This coming Saturday (3/30), at The Roots Music Project, there will be an all day (3-11pm) event called Rhythms and Reason hosted by some new friends of ours at The Wheel Collective, a “Day-Long Festival of Contemplative Explorations and Creative Expression”. We think it’ll an awesome time and we’d love to see you there.

We won’t have any official Woven Web events next week, many of us are heading out of town to see the Eclipse. If you’re on the fence about traveling to see the eclipse, maybe this video will tip the scales. We also are planning on shifting the way we do events for the next few months. An event every week have served us building some consistency and clarity within woven web, and now we’re excited to start bringing a bit more creativity and collaboration into our events. That might mean larger but less frequent events, as well as more events in partnership with other organizations. As always, stay tuned to this newsletter to learn about what’s happening. And by popular request, the google calendar is back, so be sure to subscribe to get events we share here automatically added to your calendar.

On Friday (4/12) at 8am we’ll be hosting a collaborative meet and mingle with Conscious Entrepreneurs Summit, Changing Work Collective, and Mindful Your Business. This ought to be the first of many more collaborations, working together to gather people in Boulder who are interested in a more connected way of doing business. You can grab your ticket here (WW promo code for a discount).

Weaving Words - Structure & Spontaneity

The dance of spontaneity and structure is woven throughout reality. We can see it in physics, quantum fluctuations helping to seed the structure of physical laws. We can see it in living systems, with the interplay of stable patterns and adaptive, emergent responses. In music, especially jazz, the melody of the moment arises from the underlying chord progressions and rhythms. Being in harmony, it seems, requires understanding the balance between structure and spontaneity.

How might this relate to the weaving together of community, such as we are doing with Woven Web? Can we create structures that support real connection happening, without being overly rigid and leading to the stifling of the spontaneous, grassroots energy that is at the heart of community? How does this apply as our organization seeks to bring community together and how does it apply as each one of us weaves our own networks of community around us?

In my own life, I’ve been finding the gifts of structure as I organize my own schedule more diligently and communicate more directly with my friends to schedule time to connect. I’ve also been enjoying the gifts of spontaneity, as I keep things open, message friends on a whim when I’m in their neighborhood, and frequently visit places like Myco Cafe, The Root, Tonic, Thrive, and the parks in Boulder, where I’m likely to run into friends or even meet new friends.

We would love to hear your thoughts around this topic. What do you think a balance between spontaneity and structure might look like? How do you apply this in your own life? Are there ideas you have for how Woven Web can relate to this balance differently as we seek to weave together community that is in harmony with the world around us? Let us know, and keep an eye on this space to see how we might begin applying these insights as we look forward into the next quarter of 2024.

With love,

aaron gabriel & woven web