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Woven Web is a community rooted in Boulder Colorado and reaching beyond, with a deeply held vision for a more connected world. We seek to find greater harmony between technology, society, and nature through understanding self and all of it's creative and destructive potential.

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  • A Woven Work World

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A Woven Work World

Last Friday, Woven Web, along with Mindful Your Business, Conscious Entrepreneurs Summit, and Changing Work Collective; brought together about 30-40 folks to mingle and converse about what a new paradigm of work looks like, and how we can be effective participants in that coming about, here in Boulder, and beyond. It was a relaxed and enlivening environment, and it was very encouraging to see how engaged people were and also how many new connections were able to form from the event. It was such a success that these 4 orgs all decided to collaborate again on another mindful business mingle next month, on May 10!

So, what is this new paradigm of work? What does the future of business look like? What’s wrong with the way we’re working now?

One issue I see with the current work environment is compartmentalization, a lack of connectedness. Oftentimes, our work is something separate from the rest of our lives, we work just for money and don’t feel a real sense of connection to what we’re doing. Real purpose tends to be lacking. And within the work environment, we often find this same disconnection. Businesses are made of so many different departments and the communication between them is often lacking. And with that, our sense of community at work is often lacking; perhaps we have a few friends at work but oftentimes there isn’t a huge sense of connection to our fellow colleagues. And let’s be honest, how many work friendships actually sustain after one person leaves the company? If we’re being honest, I think not too many.

What I see is that this sense of disconnection pervades so much of our work culture, especially here in America. And what I also see is that there is an antidote, and it’s not that hard to figure out; it lies in fostering connection. Connecting to our work and to our purpose there, connecting to our colleagues, and connecting within the whole of our businesses. Fostering this culture of connectedness is really at the core of what Woven Web exists for, and it’s a delight to be able to embody that value in partnership with these other organizations as we look to support that culture emerging within our work environments here in Boulder, and beyond.

Cultivating Coherence - Event on Monday 4/22

Something that is a core value and interest for us at woven web is coherence. I think this is also quite essential to this conversation around the future of business. Well-connected businesses are also coherent businesses. Coherency is a word I really enjoy, that is used most often when discussing systems and also discussing the heart, two topics which I deeply value. I often use this word in a similar way to how I use harmony, and I think we can help bring it about through discovering and emphasizing our commonality while accepting our differences. Facilitating coherence within our communities and moving from our shared humanity is a core exploration for our team here at woven web.

On that topic, we’ll be hosting an event next Monday evening at the MycoCosm community home. We’re going to be bringing together some of what we’ve been exploring in our improv events and our inquiry events, and start to do some exploration around how we can cultivate coming into coherence together with open hearts and open minds looking to understand.

Coming Up in Community

Wednesday, April 24th 6-8pm: Native plant gardening workshop with Friends Farm at Nyland Cohousing in Lafayette.

Sunday, April 28th 1130-130pm: Regeneration Community Celebration with Bloom Boulder and Woven Web at The Farm Stand.

Sunday April 28th 2-9pm: Live from Planet Earth Festival with Climatique at Sanitas Brewing

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~ aaron gabriel & woven web