Weekly Weave - 11/4

Next mixer on 11/15

Welcome to the Weekly Weave, where we’ll be sharing about what’s happening in Boulder and doing our best to support us all staying well-connected!

In this edition:

  • Civic Engagement

  • Collaboration

  • Coming Up in Boulder

Civic Engagement

It’s election day this coming Tuesday (11/7). In Boulder we are voting for mayor, 4 city councilors and a number of local issues; alongside school board members and some state issues. Get out and vote! You can vote early or in person and can even register to vote when you go to the polling place.

Make sure you do your research, it’s such an important act of civic engagement to investigate the issues and candidates directly and make an informed decision. Boulder Beat and Boulder Reporting Lab have both attempted to give a cohesive view of the different issues without making direct endorsements, so you can decide your votes for yourself. If you aren’t in Boulder, I encourage you to search around and find trusted sources where you live.


This recent Thursday (11/2), I joined an event at CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business, a collaboration with Naropa with various business leaders, including an exec at Google, called “Leading a company with an ethical compass”. I loved the conversation as it got into the heart of what it actually means to be ethical and it leaned in the direction of mindfulness, understanding, and honesty rather than a prescribed set of "ethics rules”.

This event brought forward collaboration as a topic of discussion and it also demonstrated it through a really crucial intersection. Here in Boulder, we have two phenomenal, and very different universities, Naropa and CU. Bringing together staff, students and alumni from these programs seems essential to fostering the spirit of genius in Boulder that can effectively meet the problems of the world and innovate on meaningful solutions. Let’s continue looking for ways to weave not only these universities together but also the cultures and ways of thinking that they each represent.

Coming Up in Boulder

The weather is getting colder and we only have a few weeks left of the Boulder farmers market. The weather should still be nice this Saturday (11/4) so swing by! If you want to continue supporting local food producers while enjoying the local foods they offer, then check out the Winter Market Share and keep farm fresh foods in your kitchen through December and January!

You also might enjoy attending the Threshold Summit at Yellow Barn Farm this Saturday and Sunday (11/4-11/5), which is exploring themes of collapse, compost, and impermanence.

For events on Monday (11/6), I’ll give a shout out to a few movement oriented events hosted by friends in our community. On monday mornings (8am), Ani Meier is teaching a dance-yoga fusion class at “The Space”, and on monday evenings (7pm), David Gonzalez teaches a qigong flow class at Nevei Kodesh.

Finally, on Tuesday (11/7), if you haven’t already, make sure you vote!

Also, save the date for the following Wednesday (11/15) for our next mixer. We’ll announce more details soon via our Meetup and in the next Weekly Weave, but we will be discussing civics and inviting lightning talks around that topic.

For more interesting events, you can subscribe to our calendar. And hop over to the Discord to connect, inquire, and share. The best way to find out about interesting things happening is by getting to know interesting people so let’s keep connecting and bringing each other in.

Big Love,

Aaron Gabriel & Woven Web