Woven Web Weekly

Welcome to another iteration of Woven Web Weekly. We’re going to try out a slightly different format this time, we think you’ll like it, and as always, reply to this email to share your thoughts!

  • Coming Up in Boulder

  • Weaving Words

  • What’s next?

Coming Up in Boulder

It’s Thursday (10/5) in Boulder, and that means tonight is the weekly Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride. If you haven’t been, this is a great taste of Boulder culture that to some, might feel reminiscent of Burning Man. Get to Greenleaf park between 7-730pm to join. For those more politically inclined, you also might want to check out the city council meeting going from 6-10pm where the big topic this time will be next year's budget.

Tomorrow is Friday (10/6). Our recommendation is to attend the First Friday Artbober Autumn Block Party at The Root and MycoCafe with live music happening from 6-10pm and a plethora of amazing vendors and artists present.

Saturday (10/7) in Boulder always has a lot of options. Breathwork and cold plunging, as well as farmers market and dancing are always great options. There’s also the Lafayette Music Festival happening all day. Finally, you might like to join our friend Oliver and connect with regenerative farming and community at Foragers Feast at Friends Farm at 4pm.

On Sunday (10/8), we’d encourage you to swing over to the Dairy Arts Center for an Indigenous People’s Day Celebration. And we have an awesome opprtunity for you in the evening as well. Bloom Boulder Sprouting Into Existence will be a community potluck starting at 430pm with a strong emphasis on catalyzing local regenerative action. This is happening across the street from Nevei Kodesh where Boulder Ecstatic Dance is this week. A great way to get a strong dose of community, regenerative action, and movement all in one place.

Next Tuesday (10/10) you might like to connect our friend Vanessa’s offering of Laughtergasms and Libations at 5pm, weaving together her love for giggles, play and herbal medicines. And for those inclined towards politics and climate solutions, you might enjoy tuning into Empower Our Future’s Empower Hour at 6pm where Boulder city council candidates (including Woven Web director Aaron Gabriel) will be interviewed on their approaches to moving towards a more sustainable future here in Boulder.

Next Wednesday (10/11), we invite you to join us for a weekly meditation group that has recently started. This is a great week to connect with community and to invite some deeper presence in halfway through the week.

Finally, for young folks who love chanting, we encourage you to check out the 20s and 30s kirtan group that has recently started with the next event happening next Friday (10/13).

We do our best to keep these events and more on our calendar! Look out for our email next week for more events to come!

Weaving Words

How does change happen? What is needed to awaken a paradigm of connection here in Boulder and beyond? These are questions that we here at Woven Web like to ask ourselves. We suspect one of the biggest things that is needed here is more connection between different social and cultural groups. Why is there not more conversation between the different graduate programs at Naropa for example? Or between CU students and Naropa students? Can we invite more conversations between different faith communities in Boulder?

If we want to cultivate a more holistic perspective in our community, we need to foster more dialogue between those who might see things differently, and we need to create contexts that enable that dialogue to be generative. Bringing people together to argue probably won’t help much, but if we can cultivate a culture of exploring together, a culture of collective inquiry, then perhaps it will help all of us to see a bit more clearly.

Let’s do our best to create that culture in our everyday interactions, to push our comfort zones a bit and meet more people who might think differently than us, and see what we might learn. And if you’d like to help foster spaces for all of us to do that more effectively, reach out to us and we’d love to include you in our process.

What’s next?

We want this newsletter to be somewhere that people can keep track of what’s actually happening in Boulder, and to stay connected to community in a way that is meaningful and beneficial. In future newsletters, we’d like to have a new section in here called “What’s been happening?” so that people can stay up to date on what interesting things have been going on, in Boulder and beyond; so that we can have more shared context, as we continue to connect as community through our “Coming up in Boulder” section.

We want to have more community engagement around all of this. In the interest of that, we have gotten a discord set up that you’re welcome to join. One great way to participate now is through the #events channel where you can share what events are coming up that you’d like to see more community be involved with. If you post it there we can put it in our shared calendar and add it to one of these emails so that more people can be aware. We’ll add more structure as we go so stay tuned in to our shared spaces for more ways to participate.

We look forward to connecting, communicating and collaborating with all of you.

In Connection,

Woven Web