Woven Web Weekly - 10/11

What's happening in Boulder?

Welcome to Woven Web Weekly!

We’ll start this by inviting presence to the massive suffering that is happening in Israel and Palestine right now, and to the many innocent lives, on all sides, being needlessly lost. This is an incredibly complex issue and we encourage you to hold your loved ones close, especially those most affected, and to be patient with yourselves and each other as we look to meet what is happening with understanding and compassion.

Coming Up in Boulder

Today is Wednesday (10/11). Tonight there is a prayer for peace and Community Vigil for Israel being held at Har Hashem (6-8pm). If you are so moved, we invite you to join us to be with the suffering of so many innocent Israelis right now. And we implore you to also not forget the suffering that is deeply affecting so many innocent Palestinians. It’s vital we move towards peace and understanding for all, in our communities and in our world.

On Saturday (10/14) morning, an Annular Eclipse will be visible across much of America and beyond (~1030am). It will be about 80% coverage in Boulder and if you want to watch it with others, you might join with folks at CU or hang out at the Farmers market. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses if you want to look at it directly! If you’re feeling ambitious, you might drive to Utah and New Mexico for the best sight. Also, in the evening in Boulder, many friends will be gathering together to celebrate through music, art and community at Evolution Eclipse (630pm, Vali Soul Sanctuary).

Next Wednesday (10/18) evening, you’re welcome to join us for a Potluck & Politics event, where we will share food and discuss what’s happening in local politics. We plan to have a number of public officials and candidates present to help us create more personal relationships with those who are making the big decisions affecting our home here.

We’d also like to remind you to check out many of these great recurring events, especially as some of them will go dormant in the winter.

Daily Zen Sits (Tuesday/Thursday 8pm, Tuesday-Friday 6am, Saturday 815am)
Boulder Dance Jams (Tuesday 7pm @ Vali Soul Sanctuary)
Weekly Wednesday Meditations (Wednesday 12pm @ north boulder home)
Ministry of Movement Dance (Wednesday 7pm @ Riverside or Nevei Kodesh)
Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride (Thursday 7pm @ Greenleaf Park)
Breathwork & cold plunge (Saturday 10am @ Eben G Fine)
Dancing at farmers market (Saturday 1030am @ Farmers market)
Boulder Contact Lab (Sunday 10am @ Boulder Circus Center)
Boulder Ecstatic Dance (Sunday 630pm @ Avalon Ballroom or Nevei Kodesh)

We’d love to bring more diversity into this list, it’s obviously pretty dance & meditation heavy at the moment, and we’d like to include more events that involve connecting with the land and serving our community. Help us to expand this last by hopping over to the #events channel in our Discord and sharing about what events are meaningful for you that you’d like to bring more community into. And also make sure to subscribe to the Woven Web calendar so you can easily remember what events are happening.

See you out there,

Woven Web