Woven Web Weekly - 10/18

Welcome to Woven Web Weekly!

Coming Up in Boulder

Today is Wednesday (10/18). This evening, you’re welcome to join us for a Potluck & Politics event, happening at Aaron and Ethan’s house in North Boulder (530pm), where we will share food and discuss what’s happening in local politics. We plan to have a number of public officials and candidates present to help us create more personal relationships with those who are making the big decisions affecting our home here.

On Thursday (10/19), there is an amazing musical offering happening in Boulder, as we are joined by an indigenous musician from Siberia, Snow Raven playing a show at The Roots Music Project (7pm). She will also be leading a workshop at Vali Soul Sanctuary the next day at 2pm, Friday (10/20).

On Saturday (10/21), Aaron is going to lead some laughter yoga in the park near the farmers market (1pm). Make sure you RSVP so you can get notified of any changes. Come and join us and laugh together! In the evening, those who are willing to adventure beyond the Boulder bubble might want to visit an art gallery happening at Threyda in Denver (6pm) by two amazing Boulder artists in this community, Adrianne Tamar Arachne and Morgan Mandala.

On Sunday (10/22), our friend Mark will be spreading hugs on Pearl Street from 12-3pm. If you’d like to join him, send an email to [email protected]. And if you’re wanting a good hug, maybe find your way for a walk down Pearl street sunday afternoon. This Sunday would also be a great time to visit the Boulder Ecstatic Dance (630pm), as David Satori of Beats Antique and Dirtwire will be playing, and it will be followed by an after-party at Ethan and Aaron’s.

Next Tuesday (10/24), those who like cacao, chanting and dancing might want to join for the Free 20s and 30s Cacao, Kirtan and Ecstatic Dance (530pm) to celebrate the end of the Hindu holiday, Navaratri.

Next Wednesday (10/25), CU student government will be hosting a candidate forum for the boulder city council (5pm). This is perhaps the last forum of this election and it’s a great opportunity to connect with the candidates and hear what they have to share, and also to connect with our local student population and hear what their concerns are around Boulder politics.

Finally, next Thursday (10/26), Ethan will be hosting a dyad self inquiry night (6pm), to share a practice that he has been exploring and finding very meaningful.

We’d also like to remind you to check out many of these great recurring events, especially as some of them will go dormant in the winter.

Daily Zen Sits (Tuesday/Thursday 8pm, Tuesday-Friday 6am, Saturday 815am)
Boulder Dance Jams (Tuesday 7pm @ Vali Soul Sanctuary)
Weekly Wednesday Meditations (Wednesday 12pm @ north boulder home)
Ministry of Movement Dance (Wednesday 7pm @ Riverside or Nevei Kodesh)
Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride (Thursday 7pm @ Greenleaf Park)
Breathwork & cold plunge (Saturday 10am @ Eben G Fine)
Dancing at farmers market (Saturday 1030am @ Farmers market)
Boulder Contact Lab (Sunday 10am @ Boulder Circus Center)
Boulder Ecstatic Dance (Sunday 630pm @ Avalon Ballroom or Nevei Kodesh)

Help us diversify the list by hopping into the #events channel in our Discord and sharing about what events are meaningful for you. Let’s participate in a culture that is well-connected and that also is meaningfully contributing to the world at large. And make sure to subscribe to the Woven Web calendar so you can easily remember what events are happening.

As always, you can respond to this email to give feedback and let us know what you think we can do to make this communication more helpful to you and to our whole community here in Boulder and beyond.

In Connection,

Woven Web